Department of Applied Japanese

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  ★Educational Ideas

                        In addition to providing the students of the Department of Social Change language to reflect the theme of education,
                        the more complex school development and social progress, to play China and Japanese culture,
                        The role of technology and economic exchanges. Students in addition to the acquisition of basic Japanese language skills,
                        but also caused the expertise available in the future into the community will be able to contribute their expertise.

  ★Educational goals
                         Foster understanding of the pulse of society and the world trend,
                         diversified expertise and skilled personnel for lifelong learning of Japanese.


  ★Cultivation target

       Japanese students cultivate skillful application of multivariate professional competence of personnel.
       Japanese economic and trade professional students cultivate practical ability of talent.
       Cultivating students understand the pulse of the community and the world trend,
                       lifelong learning and employability of people in the workplace.
       Nurturing students to achieve more than a photo card, with graduation employability of professionals.

  ★Cultivation of Human

       Foster international exchange mainstay talents.
       Foster economic and trade, science and technology related to Japanese expertise.
       Japanese tour leader cultivate talents.