Department of Applied Japanese

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Characteristic Development Analysis
  1. Applied Japanese cultivate talents with professional competence of pluralism.
  2. School with the school development plan of the five-year goal, the creation of Taiwan-Japane conomic and trade-related courses.
  3. Development of cross-system, cross-cutting of learning, and provide opportunities forinternships.
  4. Providing a wide choice of training with professional competence among Multiple Japanese talent.

Features Development Goals
  1.  In teaching to cultivate Japanese professional, with economic, trade, scientific and technological knowledge relevant Japanese, Japanese tour guide leader allied with the Japanese multicultural talent, get a competitive advantage in the workplace.
  2. In the study, teachers stimulate research potential reward active participation inside and outside the academic research activities, publishing papers, improve academic standards.
  3. In services, the combination of government and academia carry out research studies in collaboration with academia, internship opportunities for enterprises to obtain practical experience assignments, to apply their knowledge to achieve the purpose

Characteristic Development Strategy
  1. In teaching, combined with regional industrial development characteristics, proper curriculum design, students are encouraged to cross-cutting, interdisciplinary learning process. And the ability to use the placement, teaching in small classes, individualized way to improve teaching quality and enhance learning.
  2. In the research, integrate teachers' professional ability, combined with local characteristics of   the industry, case studies in key areas. Through exchanges with Japanese sister school   students and teachers exchange activities to enhance the quality of study and research.
  3. In services, through industry-university cooperation and research studies ways to Miaoli as the center outward towards industrial service opportunities, enhance the skills of teachers and students implement and expand service areas.