Department of Applied Japanese

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Curriculum planning "language, knowledge, skills," the department both tripartite


☀ Basic Japanese Ability Training
With "listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation" Gono both as the goal of Japanese proficiency solid communication and expression.


☀ papers and planning creativity
In writing and execution of the training business case papers, students recognize problems, analyze and solve the essence of life skills capacity issues.


☀ information skills training
Training students to be familiar with, the Japanese computer and network systems, and simulate the operation of market demand, in order to strengthen compliance with the basic skills needs of the times.


☀ teach the basics
Chinese and Japanese in addition to practical and general education courses, the creation of Japanese Studies, Introduction to Japanese Economy Studies, Introduction to Social Japan, Japanese culture,
Political postwar East Asian countries through the development of current international situation and other courses for students to learn, to enable students to understand the essence and structure of Japanese modern world situation,
Strengthen the basics.


☀ impart knowledge
With other Department of the University opened professional courses (students have to be free electives), the Department set up in Japan as the main mode of trade business and social culture
Two types of courses, such as business and management of Japanese companies, Japan's modern economy, more Taiwan and Japan SME Business of the Taiwan-Japan economic and social
Interaction, Research Japan's political economy, social changes of modern Japanese culture, Japanese behavior, the Japanese government and politics, nurture students
With trade or professional knowledge and ability of social culture, the foundation of a solid can calmly deal with the fierce competition of a pluralistic society.