Department of Applied Japanese

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★ Japanese culture expertise
  1. listening, speaking, reading and writing of competency-based, supplemented by translation.
  2. The teaching focus on listening and speaking skills of the two, in order to understand the general Japanese daily life and want to say, say that the main Japanese life.

★ culture and trade, science and technology-related Japanese personnel

   The purpose of teaching to educate students on the proper work ethic and understand the status of business or business model, and then nurture students practical knowledge of the business, management and capacity planning transnational procurement knowledge.
Summary above capacity to undertake practical exercises, arranged visiting Japanese companies, internship, and production companies report, in order to achieve the goal to cultivate.

★ Japanese culture tour guides, tour expertise

    Enable students to understand Japanese culture and customs, supplemented by training courses of Japanese sightseeing, practical implementation of navigation oral training. Third, the travel arrangements for visiting the fourth grade,
Hotels, and other tourism enterprises conduct business practice, and making tourism business survey report, in order to achieve the goal to cultivate.